UK shoppers will spend £470,000 a minute this Christmas

26th Nov 2014

Photo credit: Dave Catchpole

New data released by IMRG and Experian indicates that Christmas 2014 could set new sales records for retailers in the UK.

Increased consumer confidence, both generally and in terms of delivery times, click-and-collect and widespread use of mobile technology when shopping has set the tone for several peaks for pre-Christmas trading. “Cyber Monday” (or, to those who are unfamiliar with the American import, the first Monday in December) and “Manic Monday (the second Monday) are expected to be hugely profitable for retailers in the UK who are fighting to offset a largely difficult year with some stellar festive trading.

Figures gathered from Hitwise – Experian's online competitive intelligence tool - and the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index certainly paint an encouraging picture. The data indicated that Manic Monday will overtake Cyber Monday to be the busiest pre-Christmas online shopping day in the UK, with 151 million online visits to retail sites where consumers will spend an enormous £676.5 million.

Online traffic on Manic Monday is expected to be up 26 per cent year-on-year, with shoppers spending an average of £470,000 each minute. And finally, Black Friday online sales are expected to reach £555.5 million, with smartphone and tablet devices accounting for £196.6 million.

James Miller, Senior Retail Consultant at Experian Marketing Services said: "Christmas 2014 is on track to be another record breaking year for online retail in the UK. Continuing a trend we identified last year, Cyber Monday will no longer be the busiest pre-Christmas online shopping day, with Manic Monday expected to take the lead. With increased confidence in the standard of delivery services and ‘click and collect’, we expect to see people break away from traditional shopping habits. This is why it's key for marketers to make sure their Christmas campaigns reflect these peaks of interest and know their audience in order to offer them the gift ideas they are looking for through the best channels to engage them on."

"We have identified a number of key demographic types, who are believed to be behind the rise of online sales during the festive period. Online shopping is an important leisure activity for a wide variety of people, from active middle-income families with teenage children to young singles. These tech-savvy groups are typically early adopters of new technology trends, prolific online shoppers, and active users of mobile and tablet devices."

Tina Spooner, Chief Information Officer at IMRG said: "The US phenomenon of Black Friday is now firmly embedded in the UK e-retail calendar and, while the first two weeks of December are traditionally the peak festive trading weeks for the online retail industry, Black Friday now marks the start of the online shopping season. Smartphones and tablets are set to account for over half of all traffic to retail websites during the festive season and on Black Friday alone, online spend via mobile devices is set to reach over £196m. “E-retail sales have grown 17% year-to-date in 2014 and retailers are increasingly confident in their online performance during the fourth quarter, which indicates the industry is gearing up for another record-breaking Christmas."

Kirsty Simmonds

My-Retail Media

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Anyone that caught the first season of Channel 4’s Liberty of London will know the retailer has its own set of unique problems to contend with on a daily basis- not least the fact that the department store’s flagship Great Marlborough Street building is Grade II listed and originally acquired not as a high fashion, homeware and beauty emporium, but to meet the increasing demand for carpet and furniture founder Arthur Liberty had recognised in the Victorian retail market.

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China’s Singles Day set to become the biggest day for online retailing of all time

10th Nov 2014

The 11th November is expected to be the biggest day in online retailing history with more than USD 8.2 billion, (GBP 5.16 billion) forecast in spending through online channels. Never heard of Singles Day? You’re not alone- outside of China, the tradition for celebrating your single status is almost unheard of, but for unmarried and unattached Chinese consumers, 11th November holds a special significance in the social calendar.

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Back where it all began: Barbara Hulanicki set for Biba reunion

5th Nov 2014

Iconic designer Barbara Hulanicki OBE this week announced she will return to her Biba brand, 50 years after founding the label that went on to encapsulate the joie de vivre of London in the 1960 and 1970s. Having acquired the rights to the Biba brand in 2009, House of Fraser has now enlisted Hulanicki as a consultant for Biba, which is the department store’s biggest-selling fashion label, according to a report by the Sunday Times.

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The key to successful selling for any retailer is simply understanding one's customers – what it is they want and how best to provide them with it. One of the most common research modes is data collection, which raises the question of how best to analyse enormous amounts of information.

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Food retailers have to adapt or risk collapse, report finds

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Ernst & Young (EY) published a report this week on profit warnings issued by UK-listed companies in the third quarter of 2014. The headline fact in the report was undoubtedly that this quarter saw the most profit warnings issued in the period since 2008. Food retailing played something of a starring role in the report, with 15 per cent of FTSE Food & Drug retailers issuing warnings.

EY commented in their highlights that, “the pace of structural change in the UK economy is epitomised by food retailing, currently in the midst of a generational shift in spending patterns.”

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Despite being a traditionally North American affair, it seems the British consumer’s appetite for trick or treating, fancy dress and pumpkin carving is still far from satisfied, as this year’s Halloween sales are expected to be among the biggest ever seen. The All Hallows’ Eve date is now the second largest retail festival in the UK after Christmas, with demand for pumpkins (a useful bellwether for the scary delights of 31st October) up 35 per cent this year, with 95 per cent expected to be carved into lanterns and just 5 per cent used for soups and stews.

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