Neiman Marcus

Since the election, 3,600 Trump-branded products have been dropped from online stores

04:12 AM |

Since the presidential election, retailers that are being targeted by an anti-Trump boycott have dropped 3,600 Trump-branded products. That represents a 61% drop in products since November 23. 
The data is according to Shannon Coulter,  a brand strategist who co-founded the  #GrabYourWallet campaign  in October.

Karl Lagerfeld

Meryl Streep's stylist denies Karl Lagerfeld's claim

04:03 AM | Daily Mail

Meryl Streep's stylist Micaela Erlanger has repudiated Karl Lagerfeld's claims the actress refused a custom-made Oscars dress from Chanel because she wouldn't be paid to wear it.


Woman arrested at Camilla fashion sale

01:54 AM |

A WOMAN has been charged after allegedly being caught posing as a security guard to steal designer clothing from the Camilla Franks sale in Paddington yesterday.


Here's why department stores aren't cutting it

01:53 AM | USA TODAY

At T.J. Maxx, shoppers relish the hunt for a bargain-priced designer dress.              

American Apparel

Acne treatment: ‘I can go back to being myself’

12:33 AM |

GROWING up, Natalie Walker was one of those lucky teenagers who managed to avoid the agonising skin battles most adolescents face.

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