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Retail News - Supermarkets must overhaul animal welfare labels

It’s down to supermarkets to overhaul confusing animal welfare labelling on products, according to a new study by AB Sustain. Out of shoppers questioned for the report, 83 per cent said they find the abundance of animal welfare logos and labels on fresh meat packs “confusing”. A further 93 per cent would like to see the labels abolished, with each retailer implementing their own single standard to assure consumers that a high level of animal welfare had been adhered to.

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The celebrity chef will launch his first range of branded frozen seafood with Young's, less than a month after parting ways with Sainsbury’s.

The Jamie Oliver by Young’s range will include 12 seafood products, all sourced from sustainable alternatives to cod and haddock, such as Pollock and whiting. The range will also feature MSC- certified pollock fish-fingers.

Natasha Gladman, Marketing Director at Young’s Seafood Limited, says, “We’ve long been committed to sustainable fishing as the industry leader. It was a natural meeting of minds working with Jamie on his range, and we’re delighted with the results. We’ve really been driven by our shared passion for fish stocks for the future and improving the nation’s diet.”

The range will be available in supermarkets next month.

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