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Harris & Hoole coffee shop to open in flagship Tesco store
Photo Credit: Tesco plc

Tesco is to open a branch of the Harris & Hoole coffee shop within one of its flagship stores at Tooley Street. Tesco’s chief executive Philip Clarke has stated that there are plans for Harris & Hoole, which is 49% controlled by Tesco, to open further coffee shops within other Tesco stores but at this point there has been no announcement regarding exact numbers or locations.

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Supermarkets to adopt traffic light labelling by mid-2013

All major supermarkets in Britain are planning display a version of ‘traffic-light’ labels in an effort to stamp out confusion about the nutritional value of food.

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Dairy farmers name and shame supermarket giants

The Great Yorkshire Show is one of the most talked-about calendar events of the year within the farming community. Yet this summer’s festivities will be remembered for different reasons as the relationship between farmers and supermarkets grows increasingly sour. According to an interview by the Grocer with Ian Potter, dairy quota broker at Ian Potter Associates, dairy farmers have chosen the event to “amplify” their dire financial position they face against a number of well known retailers.

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Waitrose exports to Japan rocket

Waitrose has reported that exports to Japan are up by a third so far in 2012, buoyed by increased interest in British goods thanks to the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics.

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War on the forecourts: Supermarkets cut fuel prices

Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s have all announced cuts to fuel prices as retailers look to “bring a smile back” to the nation’s shoppers. From Tuesday, Asda customers will pay no more than 127.7p for a litre of petrol and 132.7p for diesel. Sainsbury’s will also reduce its fuel prices “by up to 2p per litre”.

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Supermarkets to be ‘named and shamed’ in crack-down as suppliers fight back

New measures to name, shame, and fine supermarkets that place unfair pressure on their suppliers will be unveiled during the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday. According to the Daily Mail the new Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill will give suppliers based in Britain and abroad the right to act as anonymous “whistle-blowers”, as well as granting an independent adjudicator the right to investigate complaints about a grocery retailer with turnover of £1 billion or more.

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Supermarkets see meat theft rise up to 20%

Supermarkets are now battling to keep their meat on the shelves, as thieves focus in on the foods increasing value. A new report commissioned by the Financial Times (FT) from the UK’s Centre for Retail Research found a rise of up to 20 per cent in theft for meat from some supermarkets. What’s more, according to the FT, it’s not just the lone shopper hoping to avoid meat’s rising prices by skipping the check-out.

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Tesco market share tumbles

Tesco has suffered a drop in UK market share in the latest Nielsen figures.

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Iceland founder lines up Canadian cash for £1bn bid

Sunday Times reports today that Malcolm Walker has lined up £150m of backing from a Canadian pension fund to buy back Iceland, the frozen foods chain he founded more than 40 years ago.

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Aldi and Lidl trump the Big Four in customer satisfaction stakes

Aldi and Lidl have trumped Marks & Spencer in the shopper satisfaction stakes as cash-strapped consumers flock to their budget-friendly stores.

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