Blockbuster has relaunched its online streaming service Blockbuster on Demand

Blockbuster has brought its online web streaming service, Blockbuster on Demand, to Roku for American users.

The rapid rise in popularity of online movie streaming and downloading in recent years has dramatically reduced the demand for physical film media. In response, Blockbuster released the Blockbuster on Demand service, offering online movie rentals. Recently, the Blockbuster on Demand app made the service available through a wide number of sources, including smartphones and computers

Blockbuster on Demand will now be available in the United States through Roku, a service which also offers its American customers access to other streaming companies such as Netflix and Hulu.

The Netflix on Demand system is similar to iTunes’ movie rental service, with customers paying separately for each movie they watch, as opposed to Netflix’s monthly subscription system. Upon renting, customers have 30 days to watch the movie, with the time limit automatically dropping to 24 hours once the movie has been started.

Although Roku does offer numerous video streaming services in the UK, including BBC iPlayer and Now TV, currently only American users will be able to access Blockbuster on Demand through Roku.

Roku has offered Blockbuster in Demand in the past, but support was eventually removed. The new and improved relaunch allows users to view movies in 1080p and 5.1-channel surround sound.

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