Photo credit: Burberry campaign 2011

It could only happen in Hollywood: Humphrey Bogart’s son is suing Burberry for the use of the film star’s iconic Casablanca images. What’s more, it’s possible the coat isn’t even a Burberry trench, but that of its British heritage rival, Aquascutum.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Stephen Bogart, son of Humphrey and Lauren Bacall, alleges Burberry used images of his father in Casablanca as part of its social media marketing across Facebook and Twitter. He is now suing the fashion house for using photos of the on-screen icon without permission from the Bogart estate.

Burberry has now filed a counter-claim arguing the images used from Casablanca are of historical reference protected under America’s First Amendment.

‘It is important brands are not allowed to commercially use my father’s name or image without our permission.’ Stephen Bogart told the Daily Mail, before going on to suggest that he believes the coat featured in the 1942 image is in fact an Aquascutum trench coat:

‘It is well known my father was a loyal Aquascutum customer in his personal life,’ he said.

The case is expected to become a landmark lawsuit due to the involvement of social media advertising and Burberry’s positioning of the image to portray the heritage and longevity of the classic trench coat design. The Bogart estate is seeking ‘unspecified damages’ against the fashion brand.

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