The weighing scale is a piece of equipment that is relevant in all processes in the supply chain. Right from the manufacturer to the retail stores, products’ weights have to be measured.

It is therefore not surprising that the industrial weighing equipment industry is projected to grow exponentially in the years to come. But what are the major trends that will drive this projected growth?


Increased Manufacturing in Asia-Pacific 

As we have stated earlier, the weighing scales market is at its highest in the manufacturing sector. Many countries in the Asian-Pacific region are experiencing a rapid growth in manufacturing.

With growth in the manufacturing sectors in these countries, the demand for weighing scales also increases. After all, the manufacturing sector cannot survive without weighing scales.

Experts have reported that demand for weighing scale in this region will be in the range of between 4 and 7 per cent between now and 2020.


Advancement in Weighing Scale Technology

The technological craze has been like a fever that has affected virtually every facet of our economy, and the weighing scale sector is no exception. Due to technological advancement in industrial scales, better digital weighing scales that are easy to use, faster, more reliable and accurate have now hit the market.

If you are in manufacturing, the common-sense thing to do right now is replace your manual, obsolete weighing equipment with these enhanced digital versions. This seems to be the trend across virtually all sectors of industry at the moment, which is another driver in the growth of the weighing scales industry.


Increased need for Efficiency

There are a number of factors that have created an environment for the growth of the weighing equipment sector. An increased focus of contemporary market-players on production is seen as the main driver for the weighing scale industry. Everyone is trying to increase the efficiency of their production operations and processes. They need more products, in the shortest time possible, and with the minimum cost.

This scenario has increased the demand for digitally calibrated industrial scales that have many advantages. These machines can be synchronized with industrial equipment for automation, reduce labour costs, and improve the speed and accuracy of the entire weighing process.

Manufacturers and other industries are left with no choice but to switch to digital weighing platforms to remain competitive. This will drive growth in the industrial scale sub-sector.

Increase in manufacturing goes hand-in-hand with increased logistics in the shipping industry. Goods manufactured have to be shipped to various destinations. Industry observers project that an increased demand for lift truck sales will boost sales of weighing scales globally.

The industrial scale sector has a lot going for it and growth seems to be inevitable. Digital weighing scales will soon replace mechanical ones in homes and retail stores across the globe in the near future. Their wide application will also mean that weighing scales will become all-purpose equipment, which should boost the growth of the sector even further.



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