When we think about digital marketing in general, the terms email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, etc. come to mind; but what about the very strategies which we use to implement them? When was the last time you devised a unique approach to your promotional attempts that wasn’t something every other business was doing as well? If you can’t think of such a recent moment of creativity, it might be time to hire Click Intelligence to find that innovative edge which you need for your next marketing campaign. In the meantime, take a look at some of these amazing ad campaigns that became successful solely because of the unconventional thinking behind their creations.


Snickers: “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”

We all remember the Betty White commercial from the 2010 Super Bowl which gained immense popularity and brought Snickers back into the game with a bang. From there on started the new “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” ad campaign for Snickers and they have never had to look back since then. So, what was it exactly that made the ad and the following ones so successful? Of course, the star power of Betty White coming out of retirement played a big part in it, but the most important factor was the innovative thinking which tugged at something which we all have experienced: we are just not ourselves when we are hungry! They even followed it up with a digital version of the campaign which read “You Can’t Spell When You are Hungry.”

The digital marketing campaign used Google AdWords to collect data about the most searched words on Google and generated 25,000 misspelled variations of those terms. The result was that users who used any one of those misspelled variations of the keywords would end up on a site named youcantspellwhenyourehungry.com. The idea was simply genius and Snickers ended up with over half a million hits on the site in less than three days.


Dr. Pepper Captcha Marketing

Captcha Marketing is slowly becoming a major future revenue earner for Google as companies have already started using the security measure for advertising their brands across the internet. What better way to get your brand recognized than having people type in your company slogan into the captcha box? It is a necessary step that the user cannot avoid if he/she wants to access the content and it’s less obtrusive than pop up ads (only slightly less obtrusive though!). If you happen to come across a Dr. Pepper themed captcha while surfing the net, you may have to enter one of the company’s slogans into the box to access your content and that’s brilliant from a marketing point of view.


Nissan-Gameloft Partnership

While launching the Juke Nismo, Nissan partnered up with mobile gaming giant Gameloft in 2012. When the game Asphalt 7: Heat was launched by Gameloft, it had the digital version of the new Nismo available for in-game driving. Along with the desired publicity that came with the two million downloads within just a few days of the game’s launch, the Facebook integration allowed Nissan access to a whole new lot of demographic data on a daily basis.

You don’t always need to hire popular celebrities and run very expensive campaigns to ensure brand recognition and growth in business. The most important thing is the idea which will drive a marketing project forward. Couple that with meticulous professionalism and you could have a winning strategy on your hands.

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