As crime levels increase in certain areas of the country so does the general public’s level of anxiety that they will become the next victim. This trend is clearly reflected in the rise in demand for home security systems.  A new report has shown that the video surveillance market in America is steadily increasing and is likely to reach $42 billion in the next two years, with a similar increase on a slightly smaller level in the UK. 


The Culprits are More Likely to be Caught

As with almost any crime, the chance of the offenders actually being caught and brought to justice relies heavily on how much evidence can be collected from the scene of the crime.  A good quality and well-positioned home security camera can capture a crime being committed on your property and even on the street, thus providing the police with evidence and helpful information, which often leads to a faster arrest. 

Home security systems are not just useful when a crime is taking place, they can also be an effective deterrent, too.  Criminals that focus on burglary and crimes centred around residential properties often scope out the scene prior to committing the crime.  Therefore if they see a street with a number of cameras in place they will be less likely to choose this area as their target.


Making Your Home Smart and Secure

Thanks to the internet and advances in technology it’s now easier than ever to set up a Smart Security System to monitor your home.  These systems are often highly customisable and typically include a motion detector plus door and window sensors with varying coverage options.  A Smart home security system will be connected to your Wi-Fi network and the system components communicate through a hub, which allows you to monitor and control your security devices using an app or your Smartphone.

Depending on your budget, there are more comprehensive systems available that include options such as door locks, outdoor surveillance cameras, lights and alarms.  The best thing about the Smart Security Systems, whether basic or comprehensive, is that all of the components work together and can be easily manipulated.  You are in charge of the rules so you could make the lights come on and a camera begin recording as soon as the motion sensor is triggered.


LED Lighting is a Crucial Factor

Although each component of a security system is as important as the other, the addition of LED outdoor lighting is definitely a part that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Video surveillance might capture the criminal in action, but it only becomes vital evidence if a clear, detailed image has been captured.  Companies like e-conolight specialise in top of the range LED outdoor lighting. When this is combined with an electronic security system, it can instantly help to extend the reach and capability of an outdoor surveillance camera.  Including sensors in the LED lighting fixtures can significantly improve the safety of the occupants, so it is a definite night-time crime deterrent.

No matter what your budget, it’s clear that setting up a home security system is a smart investment that will keep you and your family safe.


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