One of the worst parts of shopping for Christmas gifts is seeing all those things you’d love to have but they are just not in your budget right now. What’s worse, you know that come the first of the year, they won’t be on sale anymore and you’ll need to pay full price for most of them.

Perhaps if you are lucky you’ll be able to buy them with that last paycheck of the year before everything is marked back up again, but usually that’s just wishful thinking. With all those bills to pay you’ve put off until after the holidays, there’s no hope. Or is there? Here are a few suggestions to get what you really wanted for Christmas, after Christmas and with little or no money out of pocket!


Taking Stock of What You Got for Christmas

The first thing you should do is separate your gifts. There are those you really want or can really use. Put them off to one side. On the other side, start making a stack of those you would never use in a million years. These are the ones you are going to magically turn into presents you do want or can really use. Once you have them all together, it’s time to fortify yourself with a good strong cup of coffee and get ready to stand in a few lines.


Here’s the Trick

However, there is a trick you need to learn. The first thing you’ll need to do is discover where those gifts all came from. Some will have store brand labels and others will be obvious where they were purchased. For example, if you live in a small town with only one or two department stores, it has to be one or the other right? Perhaps, if you are lucky.

When you go to customer service in those stores all you need to do is tell them they are unwanted or unusable Christmas gifts and they will usually give you store credit for them. Most won’t give you cash unless you have the receipt. That store credit will be in the form of a gift card in most cases. If you don’t want something at that store and would like to shop elsewhere, there is one more ‘trick’ you can learn.


Sell Your Gift Cards Online

You would be surprised at just how many people do exactly what you just did. Every year it gets harder and harder to choose gifts for friends and family and so the lines get longer and longer as the recipients stand in line to return those presents. Now here’s the secret that will have you shopping for that gift you really wanted but couldn’t afford earlier, and all without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Take that gift card and sell it online. With so many consumers in the same boat as you are in, innovative entrepreneurs have made it possible to sell your gift cards online. Follow the fillable forms and at the end that gift card will be converted to cash instantly and deposited in your PayPal account.


In the End…

Once you have that cash in hand, well in your PayPal account at any rate, you can either use your PP card to shop in-store or online for that gift you really wanted. The other thing you may have to do is send that money over to your bank which could take a couple days, but in the end you will have that money to use on whatever it is you really wanted. What a great way to get the gifts you really want without hurting anyone’s feelings. Now wasn’t that easy? You bet it was!

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